I have learned that one of the simplest ways to produce more eye catching photos, is to just shoot from an angle. In other words, bend the knee slightly, move a bit to one side or the other, and don’t always be face to face with the subject. I have even figured out that lying down on the ground to get a specific angle, can give a bigger impact. Not a good idea to wear your best suit of clothes on a photo shoot, for who knows what you will have to go through to get that one brilliant shot.

Trying a different angle can also have a actual effect upon the light, shade and markings on your subject. Example: a macro shot of a spider. The size and ornamentation on it will become more conspicuous as a result of just adjusting the angle of the camera. Try not to bump the web though with the lens, as spiders are very super sensitive. Any little pulsation on the web, and so long spider!

For way too long I battled with outdoor lighting. Everyone knows that the direction of the light changes as the sun traverses the sky. To acquire a good photograph I have always been of the understanding that good lighting will cause quality photographs, but poor lighting results in, for example, annoying shadows. which greatly effects the appearance of your subject. In the beginning, I followed the old practice of keeping the sun at my back, taking into consideration the angle of the suns rays, which I thought was supposed to result in good photographs.

As I gained experience with various outdoor lighting, (examples: sunny days, and those days that were overcast with some sunny breaks) I soon changed my way of thinking. Up until then my afternoon photos were dull or washed out. It did nothing to bring out detail, or provide an impression of depth. But what could I do? I had to do my best with the natural lighting that I had. I can only put forward the following. In my opinion one of the very best times of day for photographs is when the sun is lower in the sky. Also excellent for sunrise or sunset shots!

Then I found that during the morning hours or early evening, lighting worked more in my favor. It seemed my photos presented the biggest problem when the sun was high in the sky.. I was ending up with such things as unsightly glare on the flower petals, and undesirable shadows in the bee photos, which totally ruined my pictures.

I am still having problems with ways to take far superior afternoon shots outside, but for now I can only propose one suggestion. Use a pen and notebook and mark down what the subject is that you wish to take the photo of. A distinctive flower for example, and record its location. Then return later when the light is much better or at least altered, and try retaking the photograph again. If it’s an insect though, you may have to do a bit of looking to find it again. Good luck!

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